Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Commercial Buildings Dealing With Mold Issues

Commercial buildings and mold are not a good combination. Especially when dealing with an older building you can always run the risk of having a history with mo... READ MORE

Commercial Hood Cleaning On a Large Office Building

Most Large Commercial Buildings have kitchen hoods that need cleaning a few times a year. The crew at SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County is properly trained in a... READ MORE

Retail Store Air Conditioner Leak!

A local Wal-Mart had an issue with a air conditioner that leaked through the ceiling into the store. It only affected a small area but with a store that is ope... READ MORE

Graffiti Cleanup on a Local School!

Graffiti is found almost anywhere from big cities to rural suburbs. In this case a school in Allentown has recently dealt with some vandals leaving graffiti ta... READ MORE

Commercial Duct Cleanings

On thing that many people do not know about SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County is that duct cleaning is something we do very often. Mainly done in larger commerc... READ MORE

Parking Garage Sewage Leak

A local parking garage in Allentown suffered a small sewage backup/leak during a recent rain storm. As you can see the walls in the lower level of the garage we... READ MORE