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6/1/2022 (Permalink)

When it comes to fire safety, it is important to check on your smoke alarms. Most homeowners assume the smoke detectors in their home are up and running. It is better to check them before you need them. It is important on the location of the smoke detectors. 

  1. Bedrooms

It is suggested to have the placement of fire alarms in every bedroom of the house. The faster you are awake the faster you can get out of the home. 

  1. Outside Every Sleeping Area

Not only should alarms be inside every bedroom, there should be a smoke alarm right outside the room or any other sleeping areas as well. This is so you can react and start to escape before any fire or smoke even enters your room.

  1. 10 Feet From Your Kitchen

Kitchen fires result in approximately 50 percent of all home fires, many of which result in serious fire damage to your home. Make sure a fire alarm is located 10 feet from your kitchen rather than inside it since smoke or steam from cooking can easily trigger it.

  1. Every Level of Your Home

Ensure that there is at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home. Don’t forget your basement! Fire and smoke damage can occur from an undetected fire that starts in the basement.

It doesn’t take long for a house fire to quickly get out of hand! That’s why it is so important to have all the required fire alarms installed so you can quickly get everyone out of your house and get in contact with the fire department and a fire restoration company to minimize the fire damage to your home.

Paws at the Park Event!

5/20/2022 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO tent with staff We had our staff at the Paws at the Park!

On May 15, SERVPRO of Allentown Central and Western Lehigh County sponsored the second annual Paws at the Park event hosted by Western Lehigh Chamber of Commerce, Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce. 

This event was held to help raise funds for Starting Over Animal Rescue (SOAR). We were the Water Bowl Sponsor and had a booth to interact with the community. We look forward to sponsoring events in the area. At SERVPRO, we specialize in pet odor removal for new home buyers, pet dander/allergen cleaning services. 

At this event, we had a social media giveaway basket. In addition, we had staff handing out dog waste bag dispensers. We are here to help in your community and looking forward to more events. If you need any additional information or have any events that need sponsorships, give us a call today - 610-776-7774!


5/20/2022 (Permalink)

We are a disaster restoration company that specializes in water damage, mold removal, fire/smoke damage. In addition, we help with storm damage. We have highly trained specialists and equipment to help with any project. 

We offer 24/7 emergency service, as we understand emergencies at all hours of the day. We are able to restore your home or business. We are the number one choice in cleanup and restoration. Whether you have water damage or biohazard cleanup we can help you. We are here to help in your community. 

We work with insurance claims to make your claim process stress free. From the paperwork to the completion of the restoration we are here to help. Whether it is fire, water mold, biohazard, we are the professionals to help! Give us a call today - 610-776-7774!

Water Damage

5/18/2022 (Permalink)

Did you know there are different categories of water? 

Category 1 water is clean water. This water is from a sanitary source. Some examples are broken supply line, appliance malfunction or bathtub/sink overflow. 

Category 2 is grey water which contains contamination and additives. Exposure is potentially harmful. Examples that cause this is sump pump failure, washing machine overflow and broken aquarium. 

Category 3 is black water. This is typically caused by sewage backup, floodwater and toilet overflow.

We are experts in water damage restoration and can help you with our 24/7 emergency service. We are faster to any size disaster and here in your community! If you need a professional, give us a call at 610-776-7774!   

SERVPRO of Allentown and Western Lehigh County is always sponsoring events!

5/9/2022 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO of Allentown and Western Lehigh County, we are active members of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce. As a member of this organization, we understand the importance of supporting local businesses. 

We attend ribbon cutting ceremonies often to show our support. We attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for Burger King. It was the first Burger King in Emmaus, PA. 

In addition to attending events, we often sponsor local community events. This past March, we sponsored the 63rd Annual Allentown St. Patrick's Day Parade. We decorated our Promaster Work truck and had three of our employees hand out candy to the crowd. At this event, we had WFMZ covering it live. We had a blast participating in this event and look forward to sponsoring in the future. 

Hurricane season is around the corner!

5/6/2022 (Permalink)

This week is National Hurricane Preparedness Week. Hurricane season is around the corner, starting on June 1st. 

The first tip is to check your county website to find out if your home is in an evacuation zone. Next, check your county’s website to determine if your property is a flood risk. To do so, you can use FEMA’s Flood Map Service at no charge. This tool will use your property address to identify a flood zone. 

In the event of a flood prepare an emergency supply kit. In this kit, you should have nonperishable food, water and medicine. 

Did you know that homeowner insurance does not cover floods. Flood insurance is a separate plan and should be added onto your homeowners insurance plan. 

If a flood occurs, call the storm damage experts, SERVPRO of Allentown and Western Lehigh County today - 610-776-7774!

Fire Damage

4/13/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Allentown and Western Lehigh County takes pride in our highly trained team to make sure after something as devastating as a fire in your home or business we get you back to normal as soon as possible. With that being said when you call us we make sure you are getting the best service and one of the ways we do that identifying the type of fire to best perform our duties to restore the property.

There are two different types of smoke–wet and dry. As a result, there are different types of soot residue after a fire. Before restoration begins, SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County will test the soot to determine which type of smoke damage occurred. The cleaning procedures will then be based on the information identified during pretesting. 

With our highly efficient equipment, and trained professionals there isn't a fire damage that we can't handle. The fire may burn it down but SERVPRO of Allentown and Western Lehigh County is there to build it back up! We can help with the whole process from the call to the repairs. 


4/13/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Allentown and Western Lehigh County is servicing all medical facility with all cleaning services. Cleaning services for deep cleaning multiple bathrooms and kitchens or cafeterias as well as providing cleaning to any bio hazardous. SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County is the professional in cleaning services and making the facility look at its optimum. We also specialize in fire and water damages cleanups. Someone vandalized your business or property, no problem just another one of the many cleaning/removal jobs our crew will take care of. We want to take care of our community and want you to know that we are here for your home and business 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Give us a call, and we will have a crew immediately out to help and clean in any way possible to get the facility back to running during regular business hours. Trust the professionals at SERVPRO of Allentown and Western Lehigh County!


4/13/2022 (Permalink)

After a harsh storm a lot of damage can occur due to water. At SERVPRO of Allentown and Western Lehigh County we are here to help you understand. The water damages materials. Wallboard will disintegrate if it remains wet too long; wood can swell, warp, or rot; electrical parts can short out, malfunction, and cause fires or shock.

Mud, silt and unknown contaminants in the water not only get everything dirty, they also create a health hazard.

Dampness promotes the growth of mildew, a mold or fungus that can grow on everything.

The following steps work on all three of these problems. It is very important that they be followed in order.

Lower the humidity: Everything will dry more quickly and clean more easily if you can reduce the humidity in the home. There are five ways for you to lower the humidity and stop the rot and mildew. But you'll have to delay using some methods if you have no electricity.

Open up the house: If the humidity outside is lower than indoors, and if the weather permits, open all the doors and windows to exchange the moist indoor air for drier outdoor air. Your body will tell if the humidity is lower outdoors. If the sun is out, it should be drier outside. If you have a thermometer with a humidity gauge, you can monitor the indoor and outdoor humidity.

On the other hand, when temperatures drop at night, an open home is warmer and will draw moisture indoors. At night and other times when the humidity is higher outdoors, close up the house.

Open closet and cabinet doors: Remove drawers to allow air circulation. Drawers may stick because of swelling. Don't try to force them. Speed drying by opening up the back of the cabinet to let the air circulate. You will probably be able to remove the drawers as the cabinet dries out.

Use fans: Fans help move the air and dry out your home. Do not use central air conditioning or the furnace blower if the ducts were under water. They will blow out dirty air, that might contain contaminants from the sediment left in the duct work. Clean or hose out the ducts first.

Run dehumidifiers: Dehumidifiers and window air conditioners will reduce the moisture, especially in closed up areas.

Water Damage

4/13/2022 (Permalink)

With all the natural disasters happening down south, it may be easy to lose track of when there is an emergency other than what you see on television. Please be aware that floods can happen anywhere at anytime. Have you checked your hot water heater lately? Could one of your pipes start leaking through the ceiling down to the first floor from the bathroom? Maybe some rainfall came through the roof? The answer is YES! Unfortunately these damages can happen to any one on any given day or night. These damages can cause a long and painful process for a home owner if not handled properly. Luckily there is SERVPRO of Carbon County to the rescue. With our experienced crew members and vast majority of equipment we can make your disaster look "Like it never even happened," and have you living comfortably in your home. We are just a phone call away 24 hours a day 7 days a week.