Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Kitchen Water Damage

This kitchen was affected by a water damage after there dish washer had a leak coming from it. SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County came out to this residential ho... READ MORE

Ceiling Bubbles From Water Damage

This was the cause of the flood in this home came from the floor above after the homeowner left the bathtub water running and forgetting about it. The water lea... READ MORE

Office Bathroom Leak Cause Water Damage.

Here we have a minor water damage, but no matter the size the job must be done. An office bathroom had a toilet run over onto the carpeted area. Once they had... READ MORE

Water Heater Down!

Here we have a families finished basement with some water damage due to there water heater going down. It happens to everyone so it's best to know who to call ... READ MORE

Water Damage In Concrete Basement.

This damage was the cause of a Sump Pump failure during a two day rain storm. Once the rain had finished, about a foot of water was left sitting in the basemen... READ MORE

Shower Over Flow Lead to Ceiling Damage!

The cause of this ceiling damage was after the homeowner fell asleep in the shower covering the drain causing it to spill out and leak down to the first floor. ... READ MORE

Carpet Soaked!

After a pipe in the wall ruptured and sent water all over the carpet, SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County was on site right away to get that water out! Special ext... READ MORE