Commercial Photo Gallery

Kitchen in Commercial Building Catches Fire!

This was the aftermath of a grease fire in kitchen of a large building.  Thanks to a quick response from first respondents the fire was contained to the kitchen.  There was a lot of soot and smoke damage left behind.  That's where SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County stepped in to do what we are trained.  Due to the extent of the fire this did take a few weeks to clean up well enough that the building could being to get the kitchen back in order.  The building owner was pleased with the end result, and to have his kitchen back up and running! 

Commercial Duct Cleaning

SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County does not limit our work to just on call disaster relief and restoration.  We also provide commercial air duct cleaning for large buildings.  This is something that must be done at least once a year to make insure the safety of the buildings occupants.  Failing to have annual duct cleanings can result in a fire hazard, as well as air contamination. Our trained professionals work around your schedule to make sure everyone is aware that the cleaning is taking place.  If you know you past due for a duct cleaning give SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County a call to schedule!    

Commercial Warehouse Flood!

This commercial warehouse in Allentown took on a decent amount of water after a ceiling panel was damaged by wind, and it rained throughout the night.  This is what the workers walked into the next morning.  All the water would slow them down from there everyday duties.  SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County got the call to get the water out ASAP.  After 2 hours of constant extraction all the water was removed.  Working around the warehouse employees so that they could still get there work done.  No production was lost thanks to SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County! 

Commercial Building Basement Flood

The water damage was the cause of a pipe the broke two floors above an ran into the basement.  Once the problem was identified and secured, SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County was called out to deal with the water damages. This is a high traffic area for employees, so it needed to be dried and taken car of immediately.  The property manager was very appreciative of the fast response, and work completed. 

Calling All Property Managers!

We are the number one leader in clean-up and restorations in residential and office buildings. When a property manager has an tenants with fire damage or water damage issues we are the ones they call on!

Graffiti Cleanup On Historic Building

This is what a historical building looked like after it was tagged by vandals. Graffiti isn't just a problem in the city limits it stretches all over the world. An graffiti is not something you can just wipe away an be done with. It takes proper procedures to be able to remove it. SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County has all the right cleaning tools, an supplies to remove any size graffiti vandalism. Whether your in the city or the suburb. SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County can leave your building, home, or property "Like it never happened."